Episode 51

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8th Nov 2019


EP 51 | The Cost of Being Wrong

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There’s a terrifying subject every leader goes into denial about. Maybe it’s the un-knowable ripple effect or the accidental impact that locks us up or the fact it seems like the song that NEVER ENDS…   or we wish we’d never STARTED…

So… let me solve it for you real quick…  Here’s secret… Don’t  BE  WRONG….  

And if that doesn’t work, stick around and let’s talk about what it takes to MINIMIZE the COST of being wrong…   cause that’s where most of us are coming from.  

If you’ve only got a minute, here’s the cliff notes. 

·        The ripple effect is cascading. Don’t be wrong about the reality of the ripple.

·        Good things take time. Don’t be wrong about the timetable you’re using.

·        It’s not just about you. Don’t be wrong about the seed you’re planting.  

·        In moments of chaos, people revert to their training. Don’t be wrong about what you’re training. 

What happens when you KNOW you’re going to be wrong occasionally (on the path to being right)?

               Do you blow it off as part of the process? 

               Does it create endless loops in the decision-making process that drag you down?

No wonder the guy with one talent (in the bible) buried it in the ground. Do YOU know what to do with the opportunity staring you in the face as a leader?  

Maybe your framework won’t be completed or sharpened to perfection any time soon, but for heaven’s sake, don’t build it on the WRONG foundation.  

Great leaders don’t get everything ‘right’, but they build on the right foundation. Replacing one interior wall is different than discovering a cracked and unstable foundation. 

·        You can’t build on individual, superstar players, even if they’re you.

·        You can’t build on market sentiment. It has a history of reversing course.

·        By the time you mimic what someone else did, it’s already wrong.

You were designed to create something exciting and durable but don’t forget to :

-         “Consider the Cost” and

-         Build it on a good foundation.

What is the foundation of your leadership? 

Leadership failure begins with an unclear definition of success. 

A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

I know you can’t be in business if you can’t make money. We get it. But making money won’t build a foundation that lasts.

My dad used to say,...

Episode 50

Published on:

1st Nov 2019


EP 50 | The Problem with Results

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Here’s the PROBLEM with RESULTS

Don’t get me wrong. I want results. You might say I’m addicted to them.

When results aren’t in sight, anxiety sets in and I start planning how to get them. There seems to be guilt associated with planning, refining, and even training before chasing the wild game in the big hunt. 

When I tell people what I’m working on, the first question is “When will it be delivered?” What’s the date? What’s holding you back? I want to stop for a second and say, there are times I don’t want to put unshrunk cloth on old wineskins. And there are times I’m thrilled I rehearsed, dug deeper, tested out that big idea before I pulled the trigger. 

One of my humorous reminders to myself is that most of my best results have been accidental. I want you to consider the possibility that when the call of culture is that your value is in immediate results, it’s a lie. The leader’s calling is to plant seed. 

Please don’t misunderstand. If you know me, you know I’m a person of action. I have lived and died by my (often impulsive) actions. It’s my greatest strength, but it’s also one of my greatest weaknesses.

We live in the day of the MVP. Minimum Viable Product. Don’t wait till it’s perfect. In fact, you have no idea what it needs to be perfect, and the PROCESS of development is out there where it’s being tested. 

I don’t disagree! … but it’s not a universal truth.

There’s a time to take action and have faith. And there’s a time to do the deep work of Practice. Sometimes action and practice occur simultaneously. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help leaders establish a practice zone environment where good things mature while action is happening.

As a keynote speaker and trainer who has led teams to some significant results, I’m often asked, “Greg, How can I motivate my people?”

It makes me flinch.

I understand the question, and I know the vicious cycle it represents.

Recently I read this in Mark 4:26. “… a man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.” 

The problem with “results” is that we can’t get them without planting seed.

We can’t legislate RESULTS. As leaders, we’re quick to identify the ‘problem’ with employees “these days”. If you’re looking for a conversation starter, you’ll draw a crowd with this one. 

Sowing seed isn’t reactionary. We don’t do it to fix a problem or get a quick win. We sow seed because it’s a core value, and we know it will yield a harvest (even if some of the seed doesn’t take). 

Your people are BEGGING to be part of the mission and to become the best they can be.

And… they are looking to you to take them there.

They’re counting on you to sow the seed.

Call me Crazy

I want to be known as a leader who is planting the seed. When you’re ready to assume the true role of leadership, it’ll look like...

Episode 49

Published on:

26th Oct 2019


EP 49 | Trust but Verify - Especially Yourself

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You’ve heard the sage wisdom that says… Trust, but verify.

In other words, pretend to take things at face value, but do your homework. Don’t let the process stop there. It’s your responsibility to do your own research, and vet the information. 

What it means is… DON’T TRUST. 

That’s a bummer.

The other day, I saw a post on social media sharing an article and below it popped up an automatic FACT CHECK button. I’m thinking… NICE.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘fact check’ option in every meeting? 

The problem is… I don’t want to fact check. I want to BELIEVE, even with people I have (questionable) experience with. 

Unfortunately, the most QUESTIONABLE experience I have with reliable information is the info I get from the VOICES in my head

Maybe I should start fact-checking the Head-Trash before I run off and let those assumptions ruin my day. 

I was nearly 40 before I realized how untrustworthy my head trash is. I ‘believed’ the voices in my head were intuitive sources of truth I could trust. It never occurred to me that even when I was emboldened by hubris it was really a lie.

Here’s a little SECRET about Blind-Spots. You can’t see them. That’s why they call them Blind-Spots. (thought I’d throw a little wisdom in there for credibility).

I’ve learned over the years that:

·        We love our ideas, and we want everyone to love them too.

·        We hate being wrong. 

·        We need validation (almost constantly)

·        If it was our idea, we defend it (even once we realize it’s stupid)

·        Vulnerability is the key to collaboration and true teamwork (but we avoid...

Episode 48

Published on:

22nd Oct 2019


EP 48 | The Myth of Low-Hanging Fruit

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… Today is an incredible NEW DAY to live without Head trash in the No head trash nation. I’m Greg Yates and today I woke up obsessed with results… the expectation of getting results… and the rapid fire search for that illusive Low Hanging Fruit….      And THAT”S what I want to talk about. Ever been there? 

We all want RESULTS.

We’re judged based on RESULTS.

Our entire identity is built on RESULTS.

We live in a society that values results so much that when I reached a period of my professional life when I couldn’t get those elusive results, I believed I had no VALUE.  

The addiction to results and validation is as real as any other. It changes our chemistry, and it ‘back-feeds’ into our beliefs. 

That’s what makes me wonder if this concept of ‘low-hanging fruit’ isn’t part of the problem.  

The Desire for Results is primal

It fires the neurons of aggression, urgency and triggers our need for comparison. It brings out the best and the worst in us. It conjures up a drive that contends with all primal instincts.

Growing up in business, I’ve heard it said hundreds of times. Look for the low-hanging fruit. Are you familiar with that phrase? In other words, look for the thing you can harvest (get results from) that will give you the most immediate benefit for the least amount of work. 

Makes sense, right? 

Maybe. There certainly are times we’ve already done the work and failed to harvest some apparent low-hanging fruit, but what if we set our sights on short term results rather than building great companies and cultures.

Will quarterly results be our legacy or our lunacy? 

 “Circumstances Lie” is my latest book dealing with this circumstantially based set of beliefs. If you want a free copy, text EZBOOK to 474747 and we’ll hook you up.

Circumstantial evidence is like the man who fell from the Empire State building. As he sailed past the 50th floor he was heard to say, “so far, so good.”  

Is low-hanging fruit available?  Yes.

Is it always the right time to harvest? That’s the question for the long-term performer.  

 ‘pruning’ the tree can increase results.    

Here’s my point. 

When things reach the proper time for harvest, the gains are optimal, but that takes patience. It takes investment, whether physically, mentally, relationally, in our faith or finances. It takes care and intent.

Factor that into the evaluation of that inviting, low-hanging fruit. It’s about living well while you’re doing well. It’s about acorns, not popcorn. 

Ever said this?

·        I wish I’d never sold that...

Episode 47

Published on:

18th Oct 2019


EP 47 | 3 Clues that something is BROKEN

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3 Clues that something is broken

No pilot would take off if they knew something important was broken. 

No business would launch their revolutionary product if they knew it would have to be recalled. 

No leader would hire a team member or engage a mission objective if they KNEW it would be subverted and fail.  

We loaded up the mold to be delivered to our customer. We were proud of the sample parts it produced and were glad the project was complete.  But when the customer called the next day with parts stuck in the mold, the nightmare began. After our own molding supervisor couldn’t get it to run production in their machine, he transported the tool back to be disassembled in our shop. It was embarrassing and it was costly. 

Inadequate cooling in the tool kept it from running production without eventually sticking parts. It was impossible to keep the temperature consistent, no matter what we tried.  The entire design had been predicated on cooling the plates and now we were going to have to find a way to cool each insert independently.  It was a disaster.

The moment that design decision was made, the problem was inevitable. We just didn’t know it yet. Isn’t it the same with many of the decisions we make; many of the issues of our lives?  We’re broken, we just don’t know it yet. 

So how would you know if you’re heading toward brokenness?  It seems obvious when you’re looking backward.  20/20 hindsight, they call it.  But how do we see it in advance.  Here are 3 clues I think might help if you pay attention to them. 

1.      Seeking the path of least resistance. You may not be pursuing pleasure but you’re always avoiding pain. Even good, therapeutic pain. If the decision isn’t challenging you to climb above the obstacles, you might be going down. If it’s the trend, you’ll eventually crash. 

2.      You don’t feel you have a choice.  This is the road to cascading brokenness. You’re facing a decision and you feel you no longer have a choice. The real decision was made in the past and now your hands are tied. Small brokenness leads to catastrophic breakdown when we believe we no longer have a choice. 

3.      It feels like duty rather than passion. You’re being pursued instead of being the pursuer.  When things are broken, they gradually go upside down. When momentum is moving against you, fear, duty and obligation take the place of passion and peace.

These three clues are evidence. You can see them in the past and if you look closely you will see them in the present. Climb. Surround yourself with people who share your values, your purpose and a...

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