Episode 41

Published on:

14th Sep 2019

Ep 41 | The Secret to Taking Action

Hey it’s Greg from The No Head Trash Nation and I’ve got some EARTH SHATTERING NEWS FOR YOU TODAY… this is going to set you free, I promise.

This no head trash secret to taking action is going to wipe the slate and help you take the steps to get in the Practice Zone mentality and become who you are capable to be.. .isn’t that amazing? Can’t you just picture it? You practice those things you’re not good at and you’re not worried about what anyone is thinking while you get better – cause let’s face it the ONLY WAY WE GET BETTER IS PRACTICE, RIGHT? Putting in the reps. Getting it wrong so we can learn to get it right…. So this secret to taking action is going to make ALL That happen for you.. here it is.

People aren’t really paying that much attention to what you’re doing… They’re not rejecting you, judging you, losing sleep over whether you did it perfect or not. They’re not even thinking about you at all most of the time.. WHEW what a game changer, right? The truth is they’re busy paying attention to themselves, locked up in their own head trash wondering what you’re thinking about them !!!!

So, go out there and practice your heart out, develop those skills and do it afraid till it’s the most natural thing you’ve ever done. Surround yourself with the right people, get rid of the head trash, and become the person you were created to be. Let’s do it together.

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There is a GAP between where you are and where you want to be. In that GAP is the Zone of HEAD TRASH. This is the ATROCITY preventing us from what we're capable of and it's time to talk about it. Feel the passion and hear the RANT of "Yates In Your Face" content and real-world examples of how real Head Trash is and how others have unmasked it in their physical, mental, relational, spiritual and financial lives. ... We need each other to Unlock our Purpose, Live with Passion and become who we were CREATED to be. *** Join the No Head Trash Nation on Facebook***

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BIO: After more than 30 years in business, owning as many as 14 businesses at one time with hundreds of employees, Greg found himself under the influence of Head Trash when the Real Estate market crashed. In denial, Greg made decisions that ultimately cost him tens of millions in capital and a year in prison. Going from massive success to the brokenness of failure, Greg came face to face with the ‘head-trash’ that had blocked his decision-making process and left him isolated as a leader. Now, Greg trains high-level teams the 4 essential GETS if they want to Break through the barriers of Head-Trash. Greg takes leaders into a training environment he calls The Practice Zone where these four essentials and the HABITS necessary to implement them can be intentionally developed for success. Greg is the author of 4 books and his 5th book, entitled “Circumstances Lie”, will be released in the fall. His first book, “Broken, how being broken unlocked the greatest success of my life”, details his life, leadership, success and the entire story of his legal battles and prison. It’s a brutal story with extensive details Greg journaled in prison and how his return home sparked the desperate search for a new belief system and significance. Greg is a speaker, author, trainer, and coach but his ultimate mission is building the “Practice Zone Mastermind”, where men who are Christian Leaders can connect, train and network together. Men in leadership need a place to have conversations they can’t have anywhere else. Greg believes this network would have prevented catastrophic brokenness in his own life and is sharing purpose, passion and potential as the catalyst for exponential Breakthrough. "THE NO HEAD TRASH NATION" Podcast is where Greg rants about the Head Trash that's holding you back in short, inspirational bursts that bring clarity and focus for the Leader.