Episode 62

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31st Jan 2020

EP 62 | How to be an Effortless Author

Be an author, even if you’re not a writer. Let us help you share your legacy without the OVERWHELM you’d experience on your own.

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Hey it’s Greg from The No Head Trash Nation… Locked and Loaded to get rid of the Head Trash that’s giving you WRITERS BLOCK.  Yes, today I’m talking about the newest initiative we’re tackling on the No Head Trash journey… I’m calling it the Effortless Author initiative….  BECAUSE, sharing your story, helping others learn what you’ve learned without having to experience what you’ve experienced WASN’T supposed to be this hard! There’s so much head-trash happening when it comes to writing your own book that it’s time to talk about it IN THE NATION. 

I was talking with a business owner and he went off on a tangent about something he was really passionate about. It was amazing. He said it so well. I found myself taking notes and when he was done, the look in his eyes was inspiring. The first thing that came out of my mouth was that he should write a book and share it. I said, “If your people knew how passionate and clear you are about this, can you imagine how powerful it would be?”

Then… he immediately flipped. You know what I’m talking about. He became that person who DISCLAIMERS that thing they are sure they could never do. You’ve been there… I’ve been there.  Well.. I could never do that. I’m not a writer. I’m not a speaker.. I could never do that…. 

And, to be honest, what irritated me the most is that I almost agreed with him. See, I know he’s a great leader, but he’s not good at putting his words down on paper. He’s great one-on-one and when he gets a chance to share in small groups, but like many great leaders, writing seems to come from a different part of the brain.

So… I made a decision. I do a lot of work helping people refine their message, share it and make decisions based on it in leadership. Getting rid of the Head Trash is largely about getting CLEAR on the message and delivering it so WE hear it as well. The books I’ve written, even though they came from me have helped me to understand more once they were put into words. I’ve learned from them even though they were mine and I’ve had the same response from other authors I’ve helped. 

That’s where the Effortless Author Initiative has come from. I’m teaming up with Steve Kidd to promote what should be possible for every aspiring author out there and if you’re one of those aspiring authors who has been saying for years that SOMEDAY you’re going to write a book…. This is for you.  

Being an Author should be effortless. That is, you should have a team that helps you work in your area of strength, your Zone of Genius as they say, and has the support to stay in that zone while the process gets completed. You don’t need to be straining over sentence structure and publishing legalities, you need to be ensuring that the message you have for the world is being conveyed exactly how you know it should be. 

That’s the Effortless Author process and I had to name it that way. They say it’s an atrocity to die with your song still in you… well what about your book. Whether you’re using that book to teach, as a calling card, to help others be clear what you and your business are all about or if it’s your legacy… you shouldn’t be held back from writing the book that you know others need to hear. 

You’ve got experiences that will change people’s lives.   Isn’t it time you explored the Effortless Author possibility?   

I can’t wait to chat about what we’re doing and more than anything… to hear your story. Let’s get rid of the head trash and make your story a Best Seller.   

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