Episode 64

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16th Apr 2020

EP 64 | Knowing the Path vs Walking the Path

Knowing the path or Walking the Path?

Hey, it’s Greg from the No Head Trash Nation and Breakthrough Leadership – coming to you NOT SO LIVE from my SHELTER IN PLACE office – with some Head Trash Pain reliever that’s going to help you let go of the guilt you’ve been feeling lately. 

Stick close and let’s talk about THE PATH… That’s right… That mysterious, elusive PATH we’ve all been searching for that makes the difference between success and significance… or that’s what they tell me..

So I’ve never spoken to a business that didn’t have a painstakenly developed Mission Statement that nobody can remember. I’ve literally been referred to their website or in one case to a plaque hanging on the wall we all gathered around and admired how well someone, sometime, somewhere in the past had word smithed that statement. 

But what about THE PATH? You know… YOUR PATH…  That secret thing that nobody is equipped to do BUT YOU. That opportunity you have no idea how to tap into, but if you did, you’re pretty sure all of your dreams would come true and you’d leave a legacy nobody would forget. 

THE  PATH…..  oh yeah…   

Anybody figure that one out? I’m still hunting for it, I can tell you that. I pray for it almost every day and I block the sun out of my eyes searching the horizon to see if my ship is coming in.  

I love those famous words of Morpheus… There’s a difference between Knowing the path and walking the path.  

Wait a minute… if you don’t even know the path, it’s pretty stinkin hard to walk the path, right?  But you KNEW I was going to call out the head trash here somewhere, didn’t you…   Thinking you’ve got to KNOW the path, that it’s some kind of secret nobody has revealed to you yet, no divine entity or aha moment… before you can take action… is a bunch… of… head trash. 

What??? Ok, ok, let me confess something here. I’m in the same boat…  And I’m NOT happy about it.  

But if you’ll indulge me, I want to share something with you that I’m only just now trying to put into words. Because I’m SICK of knowing things. I’m tired of being able to give all the right answers to the very real questions out there… because painfully, I realize that having the right answers has NOTHING to do with walking the path!  

I know lots of stuff.. lots of right answers.. I can give lots of great advice and SO CAN YOU… and it’s HOLDING US BACK…  

Why? It’s holding us back because there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. I used to think that meant I just didn’t know the path or I would walk it, but reality is that we all know the path. We all have vision and dreams and have a context for pulling it together that we could share if we put forth the deep work to share it. 

But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we have it backward! MAYBE if we walk the path, we’ll be more clear about KNOWING the path!  Maybe if we took little incremental steps toward what we DO KNOW, if we reinforced our personal definition of success so clearly every day we would watch that path unfold right in front of us because we’re seeking to be one with God and one with each other and to become who we were created to be. 

Stop looking for that elusive path and start walking it. Stop KNOWING more than you’re DOING. Stop having all the answers and never benefiting from the activation of them in your life. Walk the path, align yourself with a clear and simple definition of success that doesn’t need to be on a website or mounted on a wall. It’ll be shared in everything you say and do and then OTHERS will know the path because they’ll see you walking it.  

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