Episode 75

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2nd Nov 2020

EP 75 | The Strangest Conversation with my Future Self

Episode 75 – The Strangest Conversation with my Future Self

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Greg is a business owner, speaker, podcaster, best-selling author and high-performance health coach who helps people move past circumstance to calling, beyond brokenness to breakthrough. Greg Believes that "Circumstances Lie" about what's possible and that brokenness is the opportunity for Breakthrough in your life, your business and your people. 

Greg is the International Best-Selling author of

·        Broken – how being broken unlocked the greatest success of my life

·        Overcoming the 10 Common Fears all leaders face.

·        The Breakthrough – a leadership fable about the 4 barriers that hold teams back

·        A Journey of Significance – the Story of Albert Diepeveen –moving from Success to Significance. 

… and the exciting release of his 5th book, titled “Circumstances Lie”, ‘There’s more going on than you think.’


The Strangest Conversation with my Future Self

Hey, it’s Greg from The No Head Trash Nation, where the MAIN goal is to KNOW our purpose, Live with Passion and become who we were created to be. …. Wow I love that vision and I love being part of that life, both for myself and for you…  Just this past week a healthy habits client of ours texted me and said, YOU SAVED MY LIFE -  and that’s not a brag, ok. I used to think I had to have all the answers and if I did I could make people better… but the truth is all any of us can do is borrow believe when we need it and lend it to others when they are tapped out. It’s a total strategy of STRUCTURE (healthy habits) and SUPPORT over a period of time and BOOM… we find purpose, passion and our created purpose.  

But here’s the deal… Knowing and doing are two different things… and just this morning, believe it or not, I had a SURPRISE conversation with my future self (dude was looking a bit older, but he had the most incredible smile on his face and he looked SUPER fit, by the way…. )  

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard other people talk about the idea of listening to your future self, and I’d love to talk sometime about all of the nuances of doing that… well, here’s the short version… I love the idea of time travel, right? I’d LOVE to go back and talk to my younger self, but I’ve never figured out how to do that. BUT… I have figured out how to talk to my FUTURE self and let that guy talk to me… who is HIS younger self…   you get that?  Pretty cool, right?  So … in effect… I’m talking to my younger self… and it’s not too hard to imagine what my future self would say to me, if I’m really honest about it. 

So, I was in a semi-conscious state this morning, just starting to wake up, and there he was… I mean, there I was, I guess.  I was smiling back at me, and there was a sense of urgency in my voice… you know, the future me. He said… Greg… keep striving… because you have no idea what you’re capable of. Look at me, I’m in better shape than you thought we could be… but I can’t do it without you. Guess how much money we made last year? You’ll never guess the friends we have now and even though you feel like you’re going it alone a lot of the time right now… that idea of spending time building relationships every day has really paid off. The mastermind we have now and the 10 close friends we do life with are deeper relationships than you’re even imagining right now. It’s all because you kept at it and didn’t give up. Believe me… you want this and I need you to know how thankful I am you didn’t quit trying.  

Wow… even as it started to fade I realized that most of the imaginary conversations I have had with my future self have been checklists – to do lists – buckle down and do the right thing lists… they didn’t have vision or passion or hope woven into them. This one did. 

So… I’m looking forward to having more of those conversations and I’m determined to seek them out in my imagination every morning and night…   No… I’m not perfect, I’m not superman but that’s my NUMBER ONE goal – to have those conversations, write them down and speak them out loud. 

I honestly believe that if we’re willing to do that, we’ll be doing the things that other people are unwilling to do. Stop arguing with your future self and conspire together to know your purpose, live with passion and become who YOU were created to be…

That’s what it’s like in the No Head Trash Nation… we never ever give up. 

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